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Denon DJ VL12


AVAILABLE 9/13/2016
Professional High Torque Turntable

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The Denon V12 professional turntable features a steel and carbon glass design that’s both functional and elegant. The high and low-torque motor delivers a consistant performance while the S style aluminum tone arm transfers sound with ultimate quality. It features a 3-way switchable pitch range, a poured rubber base, and a built in RGB Lighting Kit with brightness control that illuminates around the platter for a unique look.


  • Steel and Carbon Glass Design
  • High Torque And Low Torque Motor Settings (3.0-4.7 Grams)
  • S Style Aluminum Tone Arm
  • 3-Way Switchable Pitch Range 8, 16, 50%
  • High Isolation
  • Poured rubber base
  • Built in RGB Lighting Kit with brightness control illuminates around the platter
One year parts and labor warranty.


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